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  • What's the process to commission you?
    It all starts with a quote. Check out the Pricing tab to find the "Get Quote" button. That leads to a Google form that allows me to build your character quote. We will probably ask and answer questions back and forth. After a formal quote is issued and you are satisfied, I will set up a custom Etsy listing. No Etsy account is required. Use Etsy to pay for your commission. A Trello board link will be sent to you to follow progress. Progress pics will be uploaded there. After your minimum downpayment is met, materials will be purchashed and work commenced. Once you are paid in full, your suit will be shipped!
  • Who do you ship with?
    USPS- tracking is provided and signature delivery confirmation Additional insurance available.
  • What's the time frame?
    Depends on the character. Simple commissions generally take about 2 months and goes upward from there.
  • Do you accept returns and refunds?
    Returns- no Refunds- on a case-by-case basis
  • Do you provide progress pictures?
    Yes. I upload them to the Trello board link sent to you as well as posted on the Telegram channel and Facebook page. I determine progress pictures to be taken at various steps.
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