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Digitgrade Fullsuit- $1500

Digitgrade Fullsuit- $1500 Comes with head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws, digitgrade bodysuit, and care kit.

Plantigrade Fullsuit- $1300

Plantigrade Fullsuit- $1300 Comes with head, handpaws, tail, feetpaws, plantigrade bodysuit, and care kit.

Partial Suit- $450

Partial Suit- $450 Comes with head, handpaws, tail, and care kit. Additional options extra.

Head- $350

Head- $350 Individual Head Features Available: Internal fan Head vents Balaclava based LED eyes LED Jawset Blush cheeks

Armsleeves- $50

Armsleeves- $50 Not included- Handpaws Comes with an elastic band to hold the sleeves up under a shirt.


Handpaws-$50 Features Available: Vinyl Pawpads Claws 4 or 5 fingers Stuffed fingers (only available with 4 fingers)

Feetpaws- $130

Feetpaws- $130 Indoor Feetpaws have vinyl pawpads and are suitable for inside wear. Outdoor Feetpaws have a foam sole that withstand the abuse of walking outdoors. Features available: claws

Tail- $30

Tail- $30 Comes with buckled belt or elastic loops

Custom 4x4 Patch- $20

Custom 4x4 Patch- $20 Custom embroidered patch. Sizes to about 4x4in. Comes with iron on backing. Add Velcro backing- $5

Embroidered Bandana- $30

Embroidered Bandana- $30 2 sided bandana comes with 4x4in patch and embroidered name on one side. Heavy duty snap keeps it on even with heavy use.

Reference Sheet- $15

Reference Sheet- $15 Digital reference sheet.

Prices are Starting Points

Design complexity may increase prices listed as each suit is custom made.
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